"Ladies of Light" L.O.L. Women's Ministry

Program Description:

To intentionally impact women in developing an intimated relationship with Jesus Christ through Evangelism (sharing Christ), Discipleship (Small group Bible Study), Missions (Demonstrating the love of Christ), and through Prayer, (Prayer fuels the passion to serve and worship).

Ministry Benefits:

  • Opportunities to learn how to make a positive and significant difference in your community
  • Spiritual Growth through small group Bible Study
  • Discerning the purpose God has for your life
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of God's Word
  • Learning to have an intimate relationship with God
  • Sharing in the life of others in a safe environment, with other believers
  • Learning deeper principles needed for life's Challenges and Spiritual Transformation

How to join/Participate:

Attend one of our Plan Ahead Fellowship gatherings.

Meeting Times & Locations:

Third Sunday of the month, after Worship (approximately 12:45 - 1:00 p.m.)

Light Snacks and drinks served.

Contact Us!

Marveen Johnson

Director of Women Ministry/Missions

(770)-595-6850 or (770)-819-9691